Marble Cold Stone Massage, More Than a Way to Cool You Down

There are many ways Marble Cold Stone Massage Therapy can benefit you.

Muscle spasms, sinus and tension headaches and migraines and TMJ are conditions that Marble Cold Stone Massage Therapy can have a positive impact to reduce discomforts in your body.

The use of marble cold stones reduces sinus problems (pressure, congestion and headaches), tension headaches and migraines by diminishing excess heat from inflamed tissues. Marble cold stones can also minimize symptoms associated with increased summer activities such as: gardening; golfing; horseback riding; tennis; running; swimming, etc. As well, the use of marble cold stones during a Deep Tissue or Sports/Orthopedic session can help ease discomfort during the massage.

A reduction in anxiety, PMS and menstrual discomfort, hot flashes and fatigue are often welcomed results from a therapeutic massage where cold stones are added. This reduction in the inflammation in your body, from the massage and the cold stones, ought to help your natural healing process.

Marble Cold Stone Massage, offered by Jacki Da Via, LMT/Owner of My Aiken Body