Swe-Thai is a unique style of massage that magically blends the ancient Eastern knowledge of a highly revered form of medical massage with specific advanced soft tissue therapies. Swe-Thai is not just performing Thai massage on the table, but blending many of its techniques and theories with proven, and highly effective Western treatments. Swe-Thai massage allows the therapist to perform much more concentrated therapy as well as yoga style stretching techniques. While other types of massage therapy might found in Swe-Thai massage in not just in the techniques but more so in the unique marriage of eastern and western hands on therapies.

Holistic benefits of Swe-Thai Massage

  • Alleviates pain & muscle tension.
  • Induces deep relaxation.
  • Helps to balance the nervous system.
  • Increases flexibility of wastes and toxic debris from physical, mental and emotional strain.
  • Promotes a sense of calmness and rest.
  • Refreshes the mind & body.
  • Provides a general increase of energy
  • Circulation is improved.
  • Increases flexibility in the joints.
  • Gives a general feeling of well-being assisting in balancing body, mind, and spirit.

Anyone can receive the benefits of a Swe-Thai Massage.

However, let your therapist know if you have any of these conditions so they can adjust your massage accordingly:

  • Hip or knee replacements.
  • Surgery or severe injury.
  • Low back herniation.
  • Spinal disorders
  • Shoulder conditions or injury.